Can you spend Elon Musk’s $166billion fortune in 30 seconds? Try your best with this quick game


IF you’ve ever wondered how tricky it would be to empty Elon Musk’s coffers, then have we got the website for you.

A free game challenges players to try their luck at spending the kooky Tesla boss’s $166billion (£116billion) fortune in just 30 seconds.

  • Try the game here
A game is offering players the chance to try their luck at spending Elon Musk’s net worth
The Tesla boss has amassed a $166billion fortune

The game presents Musk’s net worth, which you can spend on an array of different items by clicking on them as fast as you can.

They start from a single $8 Big Mac burger, all the way up to a $50million launch of a Falcon 9 rocket – built by the 49-year-old’s company, SpaceX.

In between those are a brand new PlayStation 5, a $1million New York City apartment and even a $4.5million private jet.

The game was created by British car rental firm Leasing Options to demonstrate how outrageously large the entrepreneur’s wealth is.

  • Try the game here

Players soon learn that chewing through billions of dollars is more difficult than it might first seem

Items you can ‘purchase’ include a $50million launch of a Falcon 9 rocket

You can also nab yourself a few dozen $194,000 Telsa Model S electric cars

As you click on each item – which you can “buy” as many of as you like – your total spend goes up while the billionaire’s net worth is whittled down.

Players soon learn that chewing through billions of dollars is more difficult than it might first seem.

Even with dozens of private jets in your shopping basket, the total spend hardly makes a dent in Musk’s extortionate bank balance.

Once your 30 seconds is up, you’re presented with a set of results that show what you bought and how much of Elon’s balance is remaining.

Musk has enough cash to buy everyone in Los Angeles a $41,000 Rolex

Musk could purchase a fair few New York City apartments, which fetch $1million on average

You can even share your results on social media and compare them with your pals’.

Musk’s net worth is largely tied up in shares of his various companies, making it relatively volatile.

In January, he became the wealthiest man on the planet after Tesla’s unrelenting shares surged almost 750 per cent.

Musk, who is based in California, has since been overtaken by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, but still sits in third place on Bloomberg’s billionaires index.

In other news, Musk recently claimed that his company SpaceX could land astronauts on the Moon within the next three years.

Musk has named himself the “Dogefather” in a tweet which appears to have sent the cryptocurrency Dogecoin soaring.

The billionaire recently warned that humanity may wipe itself out before his aerospace company SpaceX has a chance to colonise Mars.

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