EA FC 24 Review: FIFA Expert Impressed with the New Branding


Consistency and Impressive Lighting

EA SPORTS FC 24, the new branding for FIFA, continues to deliver the same consistency of play that fans expect. The game's lighting is also one of the best improvements we've seen.

Impactful Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers in EA FC 24 have become more impactful, adding a new level of excitement to the game.

Ultimate Team and the Addition of Women Players

The popular Ultimate Team mode remains mostly the same in EA FC 24, with the exciting inclusion of women players for the first time. However, changes to the progression system and high transfer market prices may leave a bitter taste for some players.

New Advertising and Tactical Card Building

EA FC 24 features noticeable advertising for Amazon Prime, Pepsi, PlayStation, and Uber Eats, but it also introduces the interesting concept of tactical card building. Players can add two roles to their main position, making each card more special and providing more differences to each team.

Smooth Gameplay and Slower Pace

The gameplay in EA FC 24 is slower compared to previous versions, which may require some adjustment. Quick wingers become more important, and goalkeepers are much more effective.

Enhanced Career Mode and Improved Management Features

Career Mode in EA FC 24 includes more features for management, with a single budget for all purchases and the ability to negotiate with players from other clubs. Pre-match reports also provide useful insights into your opponent's stats.

Little Innovation in Other Modes

While EA FC 24 impresses with its changes to the metagame, other modes such as Volta and Clubs remain largely unchanged. However, the addition of cross-play across the board is a significant improvement.

The Verdict: A Chance for New Players, But a Push towards Monetization

Overall, EA FC 24 brings positive changes to the game, giving new players a better chance at success. However, the steeper progression and increased focus on monetization might deter all but the most dedicated fans.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.