Fallout TV Show Review: A Post-Apocalyptic Delight


Exploring a Different Tone

The Last of Us set the bar high for video game adaptations, but the Fallout TV show brings a completely different tone to the post-apocalyptic genre. While The Last of Us is a dark drama, Fallout infuses humor into its storylines, making for a unique viewing experience.

A Horrifying Yet Hilarious World

Set in a retro-futuristic 1950s USA devastated by nuclear bombs, the Fallout TV show presents a world where humanity survives in underground vaults. The surface is inhabited by immortal ghouls, adding a layer of horror to the show's otherwise humorous tone.

An Endearing Mix of Horror and Comedy

Despite the dark themes of nuclear destruction and brutal militarism, Fallout manages to balance out the seriousness with moments of hilarity. The show's execution, line delivery, and wacky situations make it a captivating watch that keeps viewers on their toes.

An Enthralling Cast of Characters

From Lucy MacLean's search for her missing father to Maximus of The Brotherhood of Steel and The Ghoul, Fallout's trio of protagonists offer intertwining stories that keep audiences engaged. The show's exploration of the world before the apocalypse adds depth to its narrative.


The Fallout TV show successfully captures the essence of the popular video game series while carving out its own unique path. With a blend of horror, humor, and compelling storytelling, it's a must-watch for fans of post-apocalyptic fiction.

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