Fans are divided over massive EA Sports FC change – Ultimate Team will never be the same


EA SPORTS FC has revealed huge details about the upcoming series, but fans are divided.

The series will continue on from FIFA 23 after developer EA Sports and the football association FIFA have parted ways.

You’ll be able to add Sam Kerr to your Ultimate Team.

A huge number of details have been revealed about EA Sports FC, but the one that everyone is talking about is a change to Ultimate Team.

Previously, Ultimate Team has been about creating your perfect team of players from around the world, including legends from the past.

However, there is one group of players that you could not add to your Ultimate Team up until now.

Women players have never been allowed on Ultimate Teams, despite the fact that it’s fantasy football where Haaland can play aside Pelé.

That is all about to change, as women players will receive their own cards, and will be able to slot into your Ultimate Team alongside men players.

From looking at social media, it seems that the majority of players are open to and welcome the change, which will add more available players.

People have already been pouring over women player stats, and picking out the best ones to add to their teams.

Sophia Smith has already been picked out as a strong player, with a Pace score of 95, she might be the fastest in the game.

Other popular players, such as Alexia Putellas, are already being picked out as potential additions to Ultimate Teams.

A minority of players are angry at the change, claiming that women players are being “forced” on them.

But as others point out it only gives more options, and that you don’t have to use them.

FIFA players are often hesitant to play with women players as shown by the stats.

A PlayStation trophy that asked players to play a single match with a women’s team has only been earned by 11% of players.

The trophy that asks people to win a women’s tournament has been earned by just 7% of players.

Only time will tell how popular the women in Ultimate Team will be, but it’s something that fans seem excited to try out.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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