Football Manager: From Humble Beginnings to Worldwide Success


The Rise of Football Manager

Since its release in 2004, the iconic game Football Manager has become a global phenomenon, breaking records and generating millions of pounds in revenue. Last year alone, the game sold six million copies, bringing in £300 million for its developers. With its realistic gameplay and immersive experience, Football Manager has captivated players all over the world.

A Game-Changing Franchise

Football Manager has not only achieved commercial success but has also made a significant impact on the world of professional football. Players who excel in the game have been given opportunities in the real world of football, with Stade de Reims coach Will Still being one of the notable examples. The game allows players to take charge of their favorite football team and lead them to glory, making it a dream come true for football enthusiasts.

An Ever-Expanding Community

Football Manager's popularity continues to grow, with last year's game being played by six million people. Under the leadership of Miles Jacobson, the manager behind Football Manager since its inception, the game has evolved and expanded rapidly. Sports Indirective, the firm behind Football Manager, has grown from five staff members to over 250, with a global team of 1,300 researchers. Jacobson's dedication to creating the best value for money game every year has resonated with millions of players.

The Future of Football Manager

As Football Manager celebrates its 20th game in the series, fans can expect some exciting changes in the next installment. The game's graphics have improved significantly over the years, transitioning from text-based gameplay to motion capture rendering in 3D. However, Football Manager 24 is set to revolutionize the gaming experience by using "motion matching," which incorporates real data from football matches into the movement of players in the game.

Expanding Horizons

Football Manager is also expanding its reach, with the upcoming game debuting in Japan for the first time. The addition of the J-league, Japan's top football league, will undoubtedly attract a new wave of fans. Additionally, the ability for players to continue their progress from the previous game is a highly anticipated feature, already utilized by 25% of players who pre-ordered Football Manager 24.

Embracing Diversity

In response to fan requests, Football Manager will include women's football in next year's game. This decision reflects the growing importance of women's football and the desire to accurately represent female players. Tim Keech, head of women's football research at Sports Interactive, acknowledges the challenges in assigning accurate stats to players but is excited to be part of the growth and legacy of the women's game.

The Legacy Continues

As the 20th game in the Football Manager series marks the end of an era, Miles Jacobson confirms that the franchise will undergo a reimagining and redesign in the future. However, the game's evolution and dedication to celebrating the legacy of football, including the contributions of female players, will ensure that Football Manager remains a trailblazer in the gaming industry.

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Football Manager 24 is available for £44.99 on PC and £39.99 on console.