Fortnite Among Us-inspired Imposter mode is live – here’s how it works


FORTNITE’S rumoured Among Us-inspired mode is real, and it’s just landed with update V17.40.

The Fortnite servers were down for a brief period earlier today, and now we’re back online post-update.

Fortnite Imposter mode

Other changes that have rolled out aside from the Imposters LTM include the addition of the Burst Pulse Rifle, the abduction of Coral Castle, the return of Wild Weeks, the Wonder Woman set, and some bug fixes.

You can check out the Battle Royale patch notes on the website.

There’s also a ton of updates for Creative mode, which are listed over on the Epic Games’ blog.

Fortnite Imposter LTM – the basics

If you’ve played Among Us or watched gameplay on YouTube, you’ll be familiar with how Fortnite’s Imposter mode works.

If not, it’s pretty straightforward; but first of all, make sure you’ve downloaded update v17.40.

You can change the mode in the lobby as usual, and choose whether you want to play a public or private match, then you’re ready to go!

Fortnite Imposters LTM supports up to 10 players. Eight of those will be Agents tasked with maintaining The Bridge.

The remaining two will be Imposters, whose mission is to take control of The Bridge.

To keep things fair, public voice chat will be disabled, but you can still talk in party chat. Utilise emotes and the Quick Chat menu to communicate with other players.

If you opt for a private match, you can play with as few as four players, but it definitely won’t be as much fun.

Four to seven players means you’ll be dealing with a single imposter. Eight or more means there’ll be two.

Fortnite Imposter LTM – how to play as an Agent

At the outset of the match, Agents are assigned tasks. These can range from calibrating chests, repairing the Battle Bus, and so on.

Given that there are a couple of saboteurs among the ranks, you’ll want to get these wrapped up as fast as possible.

Finishing assignments quickly means there’s less time for Imposters to eliminate Agents and cause havoc.

Keep an eye on your fellow Agents and be on the lookout for suspicious behaviour.

Bear in mind that anyone could be an Imposter so be careful about splitting off with one or two teammates.

If you spot an Agent eliminated Agent fragment, report it and throw your accusations around in The Bridge after the crew is teleported there.

You can also instigate a Discussion by interacting with the Discussion panel in The Bridge, so you don’t need to wait for someone to be eliminated.

It’s up to you to present your suspicions and persuade your teammates to vote your way and get the Imposters out.

In order to claim victory, all Agent tasks need to be complete. Alternatively, vote out all of the Imposters to win.

Fortnite Imposter LTM – how to play as an Imposter

The Imposters have an easy goal but it’s hard to pull off successfully, which means not arousing suspicion.

Imposters also have a list of tasks to complete to help get their crewmates off their back if things start heating up.

But be warned – these tasks will assist the Agents and help them on the way to their goal.

You’ll be relieved to hear that Imposters aren’t just relying on their wits out in the trenches. Here’s what you’ll be working with:

  • Disable Assignments: Temporarily freeze progress on all Assignments, buying you precious time
  • Teleport Players: Relocate all Agents and Impostors to somewhere else on The Bridge, covering your tracks.
  • Peely Party: For a short time, all Agents and Impostors look like Peely so you can blend in with the crowd!

Fortnite Imposter LTM – how Discussions work

Discussions can be called either by reporting an eliminated Agent when you stumble across them, or by interacting with the Discussion panel in The Bridge’s centre room.

Players can use emotes and the Quick Chat menu to hash out their beef, but at the end of it, someone can be eliminated.

If you want to cast your vote to throw someone out, you can. Otherwise you can skip your vote.

You’re going to have to think tactically throughout to get the upper hand, depending on your role.

Given the massive popularity of Among Us, the new Imposters LTM should go down well!

Fortnite Imposter mode

Fortnite Imposter mode

While the Fortnite Wonder Woman skin is cool, don’t forget about the Fortnite Free Guy quests!

We may even see a Fortnite Extraction crossover, with Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake character’s outfit being spotted in the game’s files.

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