Gamers go wild for free Baldur’s Gate 3 prequel – and you can play it right now


A PREQUEL for one of the most highly-anticipated games of 2023 has just been released.

Not only is the game available now, but it is also free for anyone who wants to play.

Blood in Baldur’s Gate is an official prequel.

The new game will also give fans the ability to write the backstory for the upcoming game by working together and making decisions.

Created by the same developer as Baldur’s Gate 3,Larian Studios, Blood in Baldur’s Gate will be set 15 years before the upcoming game’s events.

It’s an online murder mystery, where players will interact and vote in order to change the events of the story.

It tells the story of the murder of a local dwarf, and players will work together to get to the heart of the case.

Blood in Baldur’s Gate contains a map of the titular town, and players can click on different areas to gather more information.

There are daily votes that decide where the players will explore next, and clues can be collected in satchel, which is viewable by all players.

The game is completely free to play with no microtransactions,and only requires players to sign up for an account in order to vote.

If you just want to follow the story, you can still do so on the official website without signing up.

It is still very early in the story as the game began yesterday (Monday, June 19, 2023), and the first vote is still available for a few more hours at the time of writing.

Blood in Baldur’s Gate works in any browser and requires no downloads in order to play.

Anyone with access to a PC can take part and shape the way the story unfolds.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.