High Street Game store to permanently close, leaving customers devastated


A branch of a popular high street chain, Game, is set to close today, leaving customers in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, "genuinely devastated." The closure has sparked concerns among shoppers that the town is becoming desolate, with one person commenting that the high street is turning into a ghost town. The store's closure is seen as a loss to an already diminishing high street, and some fear that the empty shops will be sold to developers for housing.

Loss to the high street

Local shoppers have expressed their disappointment and sadness about the closure of the Game store in Huntingdon. One customer said, "That's genuinely devastated me," while another remarked, "Such a loss to the already diminishing high street!" The closure has raised concerns about the future of the town's retail sector, with one person commenting that the high street lacks attractions to entice visitors.

Game's previous closures and ownership

This is not the first Game store to close in recent years. The retailer, owned by Frasers Group, closed its branch in Newport, Wales, in October 2020 but reopened two days later in a different location. In 2019, Game was bought by business magnate Mike Ashley's Sports Direct, and the company announced plans to close 40 of its stores across the UK in January 2020. Currently, there are over 240 Game stores nationwide.

Tough times for high street retailers

The closure of the Game store in Huntingdon comes at a challenging time for high street retailers. Rising energy costs, the cost of living crisis, and the popularity of online shopping have put pressure on many retailers' budgets. Some have been forced to close stores to cut costs. Last year, Homebase closed a store, leaving the company with only 93 stores remaining. Poundstretcher and Oxfam also closed multiple stores, while some retailers, such as Costco, Bonmarche, and The White Company, are expanding and opening new stores.

Despite the closures, there are still positive developments in the retail sector. Discount retailer Costco plans to open 14 more warehouses in the UK over the next two years. Additionally, some bakery chains, including Patisserie Valerie, Wenzels, Greggs, Dunkin' Donuts, and The Cornish Bakery, are expanding their operations.