Hogwarts Legacy: How to solve the number door puzzles


JUST like in the books and films, Hogwarts Castle is full of secrets hiding in every inch of it.

There are numerous puzzles to solve around the castle that unlock new areas to explore.

This note will help you.

Some of these are number door puzzles, which can be quite difficult to figure out.

Here is how to solve the number puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to solve the number puzzles

For these puzzles, the numbers in the smaller circles need to add up to the big number at the centre.

What makes it hard is that some of the numbers are replaced by pictures of animals.

There is a note in the rafters that can translate the animals into numbers, but there is a way to solve them without this. 

You can look at the number of parts on each animal. For example, the unicorn has one horn, and the hydra has three heads.

This isn’t a perfect method, as you don’t always know which part to count, but it can help you.

The other method you can use is by counting around the doorframe starting from the left side.

You have to count starting from zero to nine, instead of one to ten.

Once you have translated all the animals into numbers, add them together and subtract them from the number in the middle to get your answer.

You then need to translate that number back into the corresponding animal.

Once you know that, interact with the corresponding dial, located close to the door, to change the missing piece to the animal you need.

Hogwarts Legacy: What is behind the number door puzzles?

Once you have opened the number door inside will be a chest with a small reward.

These are random but can contain one of two different types of item.

This is either a piece of clothing, or a cosmetic item for the Room of Requirement.

These are randomly distributed throughout chests, so there is no guarantee what you will find.

Written by Ryan Woodrow and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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