How tall is Nickmercs?

Twitcher nickmercs part of FaZe team - Instagram

TWITCH star Nickmercs has revealed his height – and you might be surprised.

Multiple sites claim that the gaming streamer is 5″8 but according to a tweet from Nickmercs himself, he’s a bit taller than that.

Twitcher Nickmercs is part of the FaZe team

How tall is Nickmercs?

Back in 2019, Nickmercs tweeted about his birthday and shared his height in the process.

It turns out the 32-year-old is 6-foot tall.

“Yur, 6 foot tall Nickmercs here, bout to fire it up,” he tweeted.

Of course, he could just be joking around.

In February 2022, Dr DisRespect teased Nickmercs about his height after they met.

“The Mercs Fam looking great,” he said.

Would’ve loved a pic.

“I didn’t know you were that tiny though… 5’7??”

Nickmercs responded and didn’t appear to confirm or deny it.

“Hah! We’ll go with that. Get home safe big dawg.”

When did Nickmercs join Twitch?

Nickmercs is reported to have started streaming in 2011.

But he didn’t join Twitch until 2014.

Is Nickmercs in FaZe Clan?

The FaZe Clan is s a professional esports and entertainment group.

Nickmercs is one of the founding owners.

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