How to unlock HIDDEN Netflix games that you never knew existed on your mobile app


NETFLIX hides content from users depending on their location, but there is a way for US subscribers to access movies and games that are available in different countries.

The streaming service recently moved into gaming in three countries and is now is releasing some titles in the US for Android users.

Netflix is releasing a new gaming app, but only to Android users


Five games will be released on November 3 on a new Netflix streaming app.

There is no information about when the games will be available on iPhones, but for now, Android users can download the Netflix games app from their Google Play store.

They will need a subscription to access the games.

The five games are Stranger Things: 1984, Stranger Things 3: The Game, Shooting Hoops, Card Blast, and Teeter Up.


Every smartphone has the option to download a VPN app that will allow the user to access games, movies, and tv shows in other countries.

Netflix is known for releasing different content depending on the country the phone is based in. But a VPN can get around this.

This app will allow the user to click another country, and the VPN will connect their device there, allowing them to see Netflix games available in other countries.


A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, hides your IP address and can connect your device to anywhere in the world.

The app will give the user the option of which country to connect to, and once it does, your phone is recognized as being associated with that country.

When the first Netflix games were released, it was only in Poland, Italy, and Spain. However, if a Netflix subscriber wanted to access those games before they were released in the US, a VPN would connect them.

By essentially masking your US-based IP address, you can simply select a country, login to your account, and access all the games Netflix would have available in that location.