Boris Johnson hails UK’s Covid vaccine rollout as key win from Brexit – but vows best is yet to come


THE PM hailed the UK’s jabs scheme as a key win five years on from the Brexit vote but vowed the best is yet to come.

Boris Johnson said unshackling from the EU, despite the tortuous divorce, will help us recover more quickly from the pandemic.

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The PM has said the best is yet to come on the fifth anniversary of the Brexit vote

Mr Johnson declared we could not have “delivered the fastest vaccine rollout anywhere in Europe” still tied to Brussels.

And he added that we can now “shape a better future for our people”.

BoJo, in a statement to mark the five-year anniversary of the day more than 17million Brits voted to quit the EU, insisted it remains his “mission” to use the freedoms won in that fight to rebuild Britain.

Mr Johnson added: “The people made the momentous decision to take back control of our destiny.

“This Government got Brexit done and we have already reclaimed our money, laws, borders and waters.

“Now, as we recover from this pandemic, we will seize the true potential to unite and level up our whole United Kingdom.

“With control over regulations and subsidies, and with freeports driving investment, we will spur innovation, jobs and renewal across every part of our country.

“Our clear mission is to utilise the freedoms it brings to shape a better future.”

The PM has repeatedly teased Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer for voting to keep Britain a member of the European Medicines Agency. Had we been tied to the regulator, experts say our rollout success would not have been possible as Brussels were weeks behind us in starting to jab citizens.

But last night devout Remainer Sir Keir risked a fresh row by promoting a key pro-EU aide to be Labour’s Brexit spokesman.

Baroness Jenny Chapman, a passionate campaigner for a second referendum, will shadow Brexit guru Lord Frost in the Lords.

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