I work for GameStop – men always ask me the same questions and it makes me cringe


A TIKTOKER is revealing some of the questions she gets asked as a female employee at a GameStop store.

TikToker @ikissedsafiree said that a lot of shoppers are surprised that she works there and knows a lot about video games.

Several female TikTokers have shared their experiences working at GameStop
One TikToker revealed the questions she is most often asked by customers

Her TikTok was set to the viral sound “Miami, My Amy,” by Keith Whitley.

The video starts with the caption “being a girl and working at GameStop.”

It then runs through a series of questions she has been asked at work.

Text over a photo of a man shows the question: “When did you start working here? What’s your gamer tag?”

Other questions included: “Are you sure you know what you’re talking about?”

“Do you have GTA-5?”

Other TikTokers commented, sharing similar experiences from their time at GameStop.

“Worked for GS for 9 years,” @thejetttt commented.

“Was an ASM. Can confirm this is how the female employees were treated. I usually stepped in if I could.”

Another TikToker, @nes.ttv has also been documenting her experience as a female employee at the video game store.

Some commenters on TikTok were actually surprised by that the comments weren’t very offensive.

“That’s far less sexist than I thought it was going to be,” wrote one user.

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Others supported @ikissedsafiree, writing “you are not alone.”

“OMG I swear I’ve witnessed all of these comments just browsing at GameStop, you guys really need a raise,” another commenter said.