I’m a gaming fanatic and these affordable earbuds have transformed my gaming experience


Immersive Gaming Experience

When I play games, I usually have the sound turned off due to my hearing loss. However, I've always wondered what it would be like to truly immerse myself in the game. That's why I eagerly accepted the opportunity to review the Canyon Doublebee GTWS-2 gaming earbuds.

Sleek Design and Convenient Charging Case

The earbuds immediately caught my attention with their unique design and the sleek swing door case. The case is compact and easy to carry, and the vibrant color makes it easy to locate. The only downside was the excessive flashing lights on the case.

Low Latency and Decent Sound Quality

Priced at just £30, these earbuds are specifically designed for gaming and promise extremely low latency. I found that the sound came through the earbuds almost instantly, just like from the TV. The sound quality is good, although not mind-blowing, but considering the price, it's definitely impressive.

Comfort and Noise Cancelling

As someone with small ears, I often struggle with discomfort when using earbuds. While I did experience some discomfort with these earbuds, it was better than most others I've tried, and the small size of my ears actually provided decent noise cancelling.

Battery Life and Connectivity

Contrary to some complaints, I didn't encounter any issues with battery life during my testing. I played sessions on my Nintendo Switch that lasted up to six hours without the earbuds running out of juice. However, I did experience connectivity issues when I was about three meters away from the console. I often had to reset the earbuds by putting them back in the case and it took a few attempts to connect.

Incredible Value for Budget Gamers

If you're seeking exceptional sound quality, these earbuds may not be the best choice. However, if you're looking for affordable earbuds that offer reasonable quality and features you wouldn't expect at this price point, these are a great option. The standout feature is the extremely low latency, which is a major plus for budget gamers like me. I find myself reaching for these earbuds whenever I want to play.

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