I’m a video game expert – your old game console is hiding a valuable part worth over $100


A TIKTOK post has sent gamers scrambling to their attics looking for an old component with serious value.

Fortunately, there is no disassembly required.

The PS Vita was initially priced at $249.99

The Playstation Vita launched in 2011 and earned mixed reviews during the device’s eight-year run.

At the time, mobile gaming was in its infancy, and there was a market for portable devices more advanced than the GameBoy.

The PS Vita had a five-inch high-resolution screen and loads of games, but the release of the Playstation 4 two years later would quickly overshadow the mini-console.

The PS Vita didn’t have the star-power of the home consoles but it does have a valuable piece of hardware inside it that could snag a nice earning on eBay.

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The PS Vita came with a small, removable memory card that stores between four and 64 gigabytes.

A TikToker flagged that the 32-gigabyte memory card is selling at over $60 on eBay.

Users who bought a PS Vita with a 62-gigabyte memory card are listing them for nearly $100.

Make sure the PS Vita is powered down, and remove the memory card by lifting the latch next to the power button.

The PS Vita was originally priced at $249.99.

It was marked down around the time of the release of the Playstation 4.

According to RetroGameBuyer, a PS Vita will go for $145 on average on eBay.

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Old technology and gadgets that are in good condition are always hot commodities on eBay.

Factory-sealed gaming consoles will often fetch several thousand dollars as antiques and collectibles.