Madden bug sees you play American Football INSIDE the office


PLAYERS have spotted a major bug in the latest Madden game.

American football fans are disappointed at the state that Madden NFL 23 has been released in

Madden is the most popular gaming series for American Football.

Despite being the world’s most popular game based on the sport, major bugs have hampered the enjoyment of the game for many.

As shown on TikTok, one player experienced the bug where the team’s office was transported onto the field during a game, obscuring their view.

While it is completely possible to run through the walls surrounding the office, as they have no collision, it is still impossible to see other players on your team.

This makes winning the game almost impossible.

In the comments, fans claim that the bug was also present in the last Madden game, Madden NFL 22.

On its own, the bug is hilarious to see, but has left players disappointed at the quality of the game.

Madden 23 is a full price title, meaning it was released for £65 in the UK, and $70 in the US.

Fans were already disappointed at the price point, as a new game for the series releases every year, making it an expensive hobby to keep up with.

The problem has also led players to be wary of the quality of the upcoming FIFA 23 release.

Launching on September 30, FIFA 23 is expected to be one of the best-selling games of the year.

However, the FIFA series is one known to contain bugs, with a particular low point seen in FIFA 21.

The upcoming game is planning to change many of the previous problems players have had with the series.

This includes the poor AI on goalkeepers, grinding in the single-player mode, and multiple positions available for FIFA Ultimate Team players.

We will have to wait until September to see if the changes have fixed the problems for players, rather than leading to their own issues.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.