Max Verstappen has been disqualified from recent tournament after ramming another racer

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MAX Verstappen is best known for his dominance over F1, but he was disqualified from a recent race.

While taking part in a GT3 race, Verstappen was taken out of the running for a “horrendous overreaction”.

The recent tournament featured touring cars, not F1.

The world number one is best known for his F1 performances, he is equally dedicated to the world of simulation races.

He has a F1 simulator installed in his private jet, and often takes part in virtual F1 tournaments.

The GT3 tournament is obviously a virtual touring car race, not F1, but Verstappen still participates occasionally.

Hosted by iRacing, the GT3 race was part of a 3-hour virtual driving tournament.

After the first hour, a racer from an opposing team, Sven-Ole Haase, hit Verstappen from behind, causing him to crash into his teammate.

This led both drivers to spin out of control, putting the team behind their competition.

The collision is believed to be the inciting incident which led to what Verstappen did next.

Later in the race, Verstappen took an off-track shortcut and caught up with Haase.

Then when Haase broke for a corner, Verstappen refused to, and rammed Haase’s car.

The car was rammed off the track and into the barriers.

Announcers for the race said that Verstappen was “making a statement”, though he gave up a lot to make that statement.

Verstappen was disqualified from the race, and it was said that the incident was a “horrendous overreaction”.

Obviously, ramming someone in a virtual event doesn’t have nearly the same consequences as a real-life race, but it is concerning for fans.

Even discounting Haase’s loss of position, it shows a distinct lack of sportsmanship, at least on the virtual circuit.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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