Minecraft 1.20 is here – Fans love the Trails and Tales update


MAJOR additions to Minecraft in the Trails and Tales update are finally in the game.

While they’ve been available as part of Snapshots over the last few months, they are finally fully ready.

Cherry Blossom Biomes provide new materials.

It adds a number of nice features, including many fan requests.

Here are the major changes added to Minecraft 1.20 update.

Archeology and Armour Trims – Minecraft 1.20

In one of Minecraft’s biggest ever changes, an Archeology system has been added into the game.

New Trail Ruins allow you to dig over ground and under the oceans.

These sites can contain Suspicious Sand or Gravel, as well as Pottery Sherds and Armour Trims.

Armour Trims have been long requested by fans, and now the game lets you customise your armour look.

You can smith them together with a piece of armour to make new patterns and use gold and gems to change the colours.

Sniffers and Camels – Minecraft 1.20

Found only in ocean ruins, the Sniffer is a new ancient dinosaur mob that you can bring back from extinction by digging up its eggs. 

It’ll take a while to hatch, but once it does, it will grow up into an adorable creature that can sniff up ancient seeds.

More realistic mobs are still being added to the game, and this time we get the camel, which spawns naturally in deserts. 

This mob works similarly to a horse, but has the added advantage of being taller, meaning hostile mobs can’t hit you when you’re riding one.

Cherry Grove biome and new items – Minecraft 1.20

Another change fans were excited for was the introduction of a new biome and crafting material.

You can now find biomes full of pink cherry blossom trees that can be cut down for pink wood. 

Petals will also drop from trees and can be used as decoration.

Speaking of new decoration, bamboo can now be used for more than scaffolding and is a fully useful wood block now.

Chiselled Bookshelves can now be used as decorative blocks and store books, and hanging sings are finally here.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.