Ian Wrights Im A Celeb 400k wages will help pay for his looming 2m tax bill after getting into debt


I’M A Celebrity star Ian Wright will be using his huge 400,000 appearance fee to help pay of his tax debt.

The fan-favourite former Arsenal striker, 56, opened up about his 2million tax debt that left him “at the mercy” of HMRC.

Ian Wright opened up about his tax debt in his 2016 autobiography

Writing in his book Ian Wright, A Life In Football: My Autobiography, he explained how a “wave of financial advisers” in the 1990s left a “whole generation of footballers” in tax debt.

The star wrote: “The only serious clouds in those skies is the income tax issues that have been with me for a while now.”

He added: “I’m not a tax fraud, I am not a tax cheat, but at the moment I am at the complete mercy of the HM Revenue & Customs because of things that happened back then.

“The fact that it was bad advice and probably some financial skulduggery is not their concern; they want to get paid and my name is on the bill.”

Bad advisers got him into the tax debt, the star claims

The tax collectors ended up taking away his eight or nine properties, leaving him with just the first one he bought for his mum.

The football ace continued: “One after another, the taxmen were coming for me over my former properties because of something called ‘deferred tax’, which, essentially, means it hasn’t been paid.

“I put my trust in people who for 20-odd years didn’t give me the advice I should have got.

“I’ll be paying for that for a long time.”

Instead of declaring himself bankrupt – as many accountants advised him to – Ian refused, as he wanted to pay it off by working as a football pundit.

Despite the money woes, the football pundit still has time for acts of generosity

Despite working hard to pay off the debt, the star still has time for acts of secret generosity.

While visiting the Turnham Academy in Brockley, South London, to unveil a commemorative plaque dedicated his former teacher, Mr Sydney Pigden, he realised the football team didn’t have kits.

So he shelled out on an Adidas strip, including shirts, shorts, socks and goalie gloves for the kids.

A source said:

Ian couldnt believe the school that gave him his football education didnt have a proper kit for the boys and girls to play in so he doesnt to make that right.

The former sportsman isn’t coping with the meals at the moment

He is involved in various charities quietly behind the scenes, but hes not one to shout about it. The kids and teachers were delighted, as was Ian. He loves giving back.

Ian Wright is facing the Australian jungle for I’m A Celebrity this year.

However, the food seems to be getting to the former England player after a fiery confrontation with campmate and comedian Andrew Maxwell last night.

Andrew encouraged him to eat another crocodile foot, before Ian insists: “I said I don’t want no more f**king crocodile, bruv.”

He had a row with campmate and comedian Andrew Maxwell

“I don’t want no more. I really honestly don’t want no more.”

The 44-year-old comedian replied: “Jesus, the drama.”

This didn’t sit well with the sportsman, as he replied: “There is nothing more frustrating than when you’re saying no to something and someone continues ask you… it’s annoying.”

The outburst might have come about because the food is reminding him of his time in Arsenal when manager Arsene Wenger clamped down on what players could eat.

Ian said of the food: “It’s almost taken me back to remembering how bland the food was.”