Minecraft maker BACKTRACKS on secret item for fans


MINECRAFT capes are one of the hardest items to get in the game without the use of outside help.

They are usually given out in limited quantities at events, such as those attending Minecon, or as gifts for Mojang employees.

Will the Vanilla Cape ever be officially released?

Developer Mojang announced a new item the Vanilla Cape for players to get their hands on before quickly deleting the post.

Fans were left wondering if the cape was in fact a myth, but we’ve got the low-down on this Minecraft mystery.

Is the Vanilla Cape coming to Minecraft?

On August 15, a post appeared on Minecraft’s official news site saying that the Vanilla Cape would be available to players soon.

It was announced as a reward for those who purchased both the Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft on PC.

The offer only extends to those who did this before the two editions merged in June this year.

However, an offer existed for many years where owners of one edition could get the other for free.

This means that only a small number of players would be able to pick up the cape.

The post was removed just one hour after posting it, alongside a separate post made on the official Minecraft server about the Vanilla Cape.

You can find mentions of the giveaway by using the Wayback Machine – a website which shows you old web pages – but any current mention of the Vanilla Cape has been removed.

It’s been theorised that the post was released too early and the cape’s design hadn’t been finalised.

The other theory is that Mojang simply went back on the idea, deciding it was a bad one.

However, if you are one of the few who purchased both PC editions back in the day, keep your eyes peeled.

A brand new cape could be flying your way.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.