Nintendo Fans Excited as Three New Super Mario Games Land on Switch – and They’re Free


Mario Day Celebrations

March 10th is known as Mario Day because MAR10 looks like the plumber's name. Nintendo has seized the opportunity and announced a plethora of Super Mario-themed surprises to mark the occasion.

Three New Mario Games Coming to Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo has announced that three new Super Mario games will be added to the Switch's library for free, exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. This includes Dr Mario, Mario Golf, and Mario Tennis, all originally released for Game Boy.

Dr Mario

The classic falling-block, tile-matching game where you destroy viruses by matching them up with capsules of the same color. Dr Mario was a hit in arcades and is sure to be a favorite among players.

Mario Golf

A golf game featuring characters from the Super Mario series, the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf was highly popular and will now be available on Nintendo Switch Online.

Mario Tennis

Another beloved Super Mario spin-off game, the Game Boy Color version of Mario Tennis offers various tennis modes, mini-games, and challenges for players to enjoy.

Release Date and Availability

All three games will be added to Nintendo Switch Online on March 12, 2024, at no additional cost to subscribers. Players will access these games through the Nintendo Switch Online Game Boy app, with the games expected to remain available for a significant period.

Stay Tuned for More Nintendo Updates

For more Nintendo news and updates, be sure to follow the latest on Princess Peach: Showtime! and other exciting releases. Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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