Nintendo’s Disappointing Decision: No More Updates for Mario Kart Tour


Nintendo drops bombshell: No more new content

In a stunning announcement, Nintendo has confirmed that Mario Kart Tour will no longer receive any further updates with new content. As of next month, the popular game will remain as it is, without any new courses, drivers, gliders, or karts.

Recycled tours replace new content

Instead of fresh additions, Nintendo plans to recycle tours from older content to keep the game going. This decision has left millions of devoted Mario Kart fans devastated.

Is it too soon?

Many fans are shocked by this sudden halt of new content, considering the game was released only four years ago. With the release of Nintendo Switch 2 still distant, gamers believe it would have been better to continue adding new content or stagger it until a new Mario Kart is launched.

Players express their disappointment

One player expressed their disappointment on X (formerly Twitter), stating, "A little early imo [in my opinion] to end content for those since we still have to wait for Switch 2 then the next Mario Kart since it’s unlikely to be a launch game." Another player suggested that Nintendo could have utilized the time by selling previous games' courses and content instead of halting new additions.

On the other hand, some fans have different views. One player confidently tweeted, "Mark my words. Mario Kart 9 will be a Switch 2 launch title." It seems that launching the next console with the next Mario Kart game could result in instant sales.