Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A Game Changer for the Mario Franchise


2023 Brings High Anticipation for Game Releases

With Final Fantasy 16, Baldur’s Gate 3, Starfield, Street Fighter 6, and The Legend of Zelda all set to release in 2023, gamers are in for a tough decision when it comes to choosing their favorite title of the year.

Introducing Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Nintendo, known for its critically acclaimed games, has saved the best for last in 2023 with Super Mario Bros. Wonder. This game oozes charm and sets a new standard for the Mario franchise.

A Visual Delight

Super Mario Bros. Wonder presents the Mario cast like never before. With every animation meticulously crafted, the game showcases the stunning visuals of the characters. This attention to detail breathes life into familiar characters, making them look better than ever.

A Fresh Take on 2D Mario

In a gaming landscape filled with many 2D Mario games, Super Mario Bros. Wonder stands out as a breath of fresh air. For the first time in 17 years, Nintendo introduces a new style and gameplay to the beloved franchise, reigniting excitement in fans.

New Abilities, New Experiences

Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces new abilities and gameplay mechanics that enhance the overall experience. Players can now perform a Wall Jump to ascend walls and use a glider-like cap to soar over gaps and enemies. Additionally, the inclusion of badges adds extra abilities to the game, such as bouncing out of death pits.

Innovative Level Design

Super Mario Bros. Wonder delivers on its promise of engaging levels. The game features a variety of stages, each showcasing the new power-ups and abilities. The introduction of Wonder Seeds adds a twist to traditional levels, transforming them into unique and dynamic experiences. Prepare for warp pipes that come alive and stampedes of bull-like creatures, creating an exciting challenge for players.

A Minor Revelation for the Mario Franchise

Super Mario Bros. Wonder injects the 2D Mario franchise with the same inventiveness seen in its 3D counterparts. With its fresh take on visuals, gameplay, and level design, this game is a game-changer for the Mario series as a whole.

A Great Year for Nintendo's Switch

As the last full year for the Switch, Nintendo ensures that 2023 ends on a high note with Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Don't miss out on this revolutionary gaming experience.

Written by Dave Aubrey on behalf of GLHF.