Outrage as Protesters Destroy Gaming Equipment Worth Thousands at Major Event


Protesters Arrested for Criminal Damage at Gaming Convention

A recent protest at a gaming convention in London has caused outrage within the gaming community. The protest resulted in the destruction of gaming equipment worth thousands of pounds. The Metropolitan Police arrested three protesters for criminal damage after they were escorted from the venue.

Protesters Target Small Fighting Game Tournament

The protesters targeted a small fighting game tournament within the larger gaming convention. They stormed the stage, spraying orange paint and smearing it on the monitors. Security quickly removed them from the scene.

EGX Convention Sponsorship Draws Controversy

The gaming convention, EGX, is sponsored by Barclays Bank, which has faced criticism in the past for its funding of companies linked to fossil fuels. This association may have contributed to the protesters' decision to target the tournament.

Gamers Express Outrage at Destruction of Personal Equipment

Gamers from around the world have voiced their outrage at the protesters' actions. Many argue that it was wrong to destroy property belonging to individuals, especially considering the financial setbacks it may cause for smaller professional esports players who often live paycheck to paycheck.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.