Pikachu is the next seven-star raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet


THE Pokémon Company has announced that Pikachu will be the next target of seven-star raids in Scarlet and Violet.

Unlike other seven-star Tera raids, this special one will only be available for a weekend.

Gastrodon remains a popular choice.

Much like the Flying Pikachu that were given away for early adopters, the new raid will feature the special Surfing Pikachu.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Pikachu Tera raid in Scarlet and Violet.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Surfing Pikachu Tera raid

The Surfing Pikachu Tera raid is a seven-star raid that will take place from Friday, February 24, 2023, until Monday, February 27, 2023.

Only the water Tera type has been revealed, but we can assume it will have the special move Surf.

It will also most likely have the ability Lightning Rod, which means that not only will Electric-type moves not hit, but they will raise Pikachu’s Special Attack.

While Tera Pokémon don’t usually have items, it’s possible that the Pikachu could be holding its signature item Light Ball.

Here is the build we predict Pikachu will use.

The Mightiest Pikachu – Level 100

  • Potential nature – Bold
  • Ability – Lightning Rod
  • Item – Light Ball
  • Tera type – Water
  • Potential movesSurf, Nasty Plot, Nuzzle, Charm, Sweet Kiss, Thunder Wave, Double Team, Agility, Electro Ball, Thunder, Play Rough, Trailblaze, Dig, Eerie Impulse, Rain Dance

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Surfing Pikachu counters

Pikachu is very weak defensively, but it makes up for this with speed, and with Light Ball it can pack a strong punch.

We predict that Pikachu will focus on status moves, aiming to incapacitate the opponent but lowering its attack and speed.

It could pair these with Paralysis, Double Team, and Sweet Kiss, to ensure you can’t make a move.

Playing around Paralysis will be the most important part of this, as we think Pikachu will try and use speed control to deal a devastating 150 power Electro Ball.


If you have Gastrodon from the Greninja raid, it might also be a great fit for the Pikachu raid too.

Storm Drain will absorb surf and raise Gastrodon’s special attack for some powerful Earth Powers.

Grass moves can be an issue, but we’re hoping that Pikachu doesn’t bring Trailblaze.

Clear Smog will also be a huge boon if Pikachu starts raising its attack, speed or evasion.

Gastrodon – Level 100

  • Nature – Bold/Calm HP and (Special) Defense invested
  • Ability – Storm Drain
  • Item – Covert Cloak
  • Tera type – Ground
  • Potential moves – Earth Power, Recover, Yawn, Amnesia/Acid Armor, Clear Smog


Breloom resists almost all of Pikachu’s attacks, and can be immune to Paralysis by holding a Toxic Orb.

The Toxic Orb will also provide Breloom with consistent healing to help out against attacks.

Breloom can also learn Spore, which is always helpful when facing off against a difficult foe.

It can use Worry Seed, if you are pairing with a partner who uses strong Electric-type attacks.

Sunny Day also has the double benefit of lowering Thunder’s accuracy, and weakening Surf’s power.

Breloom – Level 100

  • Nature – Bold/Calm HP and (Special) Defense invested
  • Ability – Poison Heal
  • Item – Toxic Orb
  • Tera type – Grass
  • Potential moves – Leech Seed, Worry Seed, Seed Bomb, Fake Tears, Charm, Spore, Swords Dance, Sunny Day

Iron Hands

Iron Hands has a great typing, which means that it cannot suffer from Paralysis, and resists Water-type attacks.

If paired with Worry Seed Breloom, it can use the super-effective Thunder Punch, but if not Drain Punch can be strong and offer healing.

Belly Drum is the important move here, as it will maximise Iron Hands’ attack.

Iron Hands – Level 100

  • Nature – Bold/Calm HP and (Special) Defense invested
  • Ability – Quark Drive
  • Item – Big Root
  • Tera type – Electric
  • Potential moves – Drain Punch, Belly Drum, Thunder Punch, Iron Defense, Focus Energy

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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