PlayStation fans devastated as the best PS5 exclusive gets ported


PLAYSTATION has announced that its best PS5 exclusive will become available on another platform.

In a recent interview with PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, he revealed that PS5 players enjoy having exclusive titles.

Rachet and Clank are often thought of as the best PS5 exclusive.

That is why PS5 exclusives delay their launch on other platforms, such as Steam, until two to three years after launch.

This is the case with Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, which is considered the best exclusive for the system.

It will be coming to PC on July 26, 2023, so there isn’t much longer to wait until you can play on your computer.

There are just four PS5 exclusive titles remaining, as big-name games such as God of War Ragnarӧk and Horizon Forbidden West are also available on PS4.

One of these is Astro’s Playroom, which is an extended tech demo for the PS5’s haptic controller.

There are two more exclusives, but these are only available to those who own the PS VR2 headset.

Six exclusives are also lined up for release, but only one, Final Fantasy 16, has a release date.

PlayStation users tend to feel strongly about exclusive games due to the high price of the PS5 compared to the Xbox Series S or the Nintendo Switch.

Xbox Series X|S doesn’t have any exclusive games, as Microsoft exclusives like Redfall are simultaneously released for Windows.

However, as the console is a lot cheaper, Xbox fans don’t tend to be as bothered about exclusives.

Here’s the full list of current and upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusives.

PS5 exclusives

  • Astro’s Playroom
  • Demon’s Souls
  • Destruction AllStars
  • R-Type Final 3 Evolved

PS VR2 exclusives

  • The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR
  • Horizon Call of the Mountain

Upcoming PS5 exclusives

  • Final Fantasy 16 – June 22, 2023
  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth – 2023 / 2024
  • Marvel’s Wolverine – No date
  • Rise of Ronin – 2024
  • Spider-Man 2 – Late 2023
  • Stellar Blade – 2023

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.