PlayStation fans wowed by rare ‘one of a kind’ PS5 retro model they will never own


Gaming enthusiasts were left in awe after catching a glimpse of an ultra rare PS5 console that they will never get their hands on. This unique console features a retro design inspired by Sony's very first PlayStation device, the PS1.

PS5 gets a retro PS1 makeover

The console showcases the distinctive grey finish of the PS1, complete with the famous four-coloured PS logo on the side. Even the box packaging embraces a retro branding and style.

The perfect retirement gift

Unfortunately, PlayStation devotees will never be able to own this old-school looking PS5 console, no matter how much they're willing to pay. The console was specially created by the company as a retirement gift for their outgoing CEO, Jim Ryan, who will be stepping down in March 2024 after nearly 30 years with the company.

Yuichi Haga, the Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lead at Sony Interactive Entertainment, shared pictures of Jim's thank you party on social media, featuring the unique gift. Fans immediately expressed their desire for Sony to release a retro-looking PS5 console in the future.

Hoping for a public release

Many fans believe that a PS5 with a PS1-style color scheme would be incredibly popular among the public. They took to social media to express their excitement and demand for a special edition PlayStation with this retro design.

This isn't the first time Sony has given their latest devices a PS1-inspired makeover. In 2014, the company released a limited edition of only 12,300 PS4 consoles designed to resemble the first PS machine, in celebration of its 20th anniversary. Fans are now hoping for a similar release with the PS5 next year, as PlayStation will be reaching its 30th year in December.

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