Pokémon scraps fan-favourite feature – players furious at game-breaking bugs


POKÉMON has cancelled a fan-favourite feature after it added game-breaking bugs to Scarlet and Violet.

The bugs were reportedly crashing people’s games, and preventing them from earning rewards.

Fans were excited to finally catch Chesnaught.

Iron Treads and Great Tusk recently appeared in five-star raids, but many players have reportedly been unable to catch them.

Once the tera-raid battle ends, many people have claimed that their games have frozen, not allowing them to continue.

If players then reset the game, their progress is lost and they would have to do the fight all over again.

Others say that they can complete the battle, but that the usual rewards don’t appear and instead the menu reads ‘None’.

Tera raids are well known to be the buggiest part of the game, with raids such as Iron Leaves and Walking Wake getting a second run.

This is because some players couldn’t catch the ‘mons and instead were given an unhatchable egg.

Aside from this, there are a lot of smaller but still frustrating issues, such as Pokémon not dealing the correct amount of damage, or abilities not working properly.

Pokémon has issued a tweet, explaining that not only will the Iron Treads and Great Tusk raids be cancelled, but also the seven-star Chesnaught raids.

There has been no date currently given for when the raids will return, leaving many fans frustrated.

As Chesnaught raids were also available last weekend, those who couldn’t participate feel it is unfair that they have now missed out.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are still being updated regularly with performance patches due to a number of notable bugs found by players at launch.

Despite this, the games are still known for their numerous issues with no end in sight for fans.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.