Premier League to close £500m deal with EA Sports


EA Sports has agreed to pay the Premier League £488million to maintain the league as lead partner on its games.

The FIFA 23 developer has been in a partnership with FIFA for the last 20 years.

The two have partnered for seven years.

However, FIFA 23 is the last time the pair will work together after a dispute over the licensing deal.

FIFA reportedly wanted $1billion (£830million) from the game’s publisher and developer in order to continue using the FIFA brand.

EA Sports will keep creating football games under a new name, EA Sports FC.

The team that developed the FIFA series is the same one that will continue to work on this new series of football games.

EA Sports has also said that the new series will not be making drastic changes to the FIFA formula.

The partnership with the Premier League appears to be another part of the FIFA games that EA hopes to keep the same going forward with EA Sports FC.

If the deal is accepted, then EA Sports will be the lead partner of the Premier League for the next six years.

EA Sports will deliver the league £80million a year over the period of the deal if it goes through. 

This deal is worth almost double the amount of the last deal, making it a lucrative opportunity for the league.

The pair have been in partnership since 2016, and has so far been a positive partnership for both parties.

At the time of writing the deal is not official as the Premier League refused to respond to calls for comment on Friday.

However, this large amount of money will be a big boon for the Premier League, as it would help maintain its dominance as La Liga and Serie A push for a European Super League.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF


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