Redfall fans fume over ’embarrassing’ missing feature as they beg for it to be ‘postponed’ until its added


REDFALL fans are venting their frustration as it has been revealed that the upcoming game will be missing a key feature at launch.

The game’s official Twitter account confirmed on Monday that Redfall will launch without a 60fps mode on Xbox Series consoles.

Upcoming vampire shooter Redfall won’t be running as smoothly on consoles as fans expect

“Redfall is launching on Xbox consoles with Quality mode only,” the official announcement reads.

Quality Mode means that the Xbox Series X version of the game will run at 30fps in 4K resolution.

Redfall’s version for the cheaper and less powerful Xbox Series S will also be capped at 30fps in 1440p resolution at launch.

According to the announcement, a 60fps mode will be added to the game post-launch, at a yet unknown “later date”.

In layman’s terms this means that at launch the game won’t run as smoothly to the eye as other recent titles.

One of the major selling points of the current generation of video game consoles is the option to play new games at higher frame rates.

Most recent games released for the Xbox Series consoles and Sony’s PS5 offer support for 60fps and even 120fps.

These higher frame rate options are known as Performance mode.

A smoother experience can be crucial for some games, especially first-person shooters like Redfall.

Redfall is one of the biggest exclusive games coming to Microsoft’s consoles and the PC this year.

The bad news disappointed fans, with some even asking the developer to delay the game until the 60fps mode for consoles is ready.

The lack of Performance mode is especially frustrating considering that the upcoming vampire-slaying adventure is a current-gen exclusive.

This means that on console, the game will only release for the more recent Xbox Series X|S and not for the older Xbox One.

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GLHF also spoke to Redfall’s game director Harvery Smith about the game not releasing on PS5 and what that meant for the developer.

Redfall is coming on May 2, 2023, for Xbox Series X|S and PC, and will be a day-one release on Xbox Game Pass.