Roblox down live updates – Nightmare FAR from over as major outages still being reported 16 hours after game crashed


MAJOR outages affecting Roblox are ongoing – with users STILL experiencing problems some 16 hours after first reporting errors.

Thousands of players demand to know when Roblox game will be back up and running following several hours of not being able to play.

Data on website Downdetector showed a huge spike in issues with the platform just after midnight today.

Almost 900 more reports of problems were made at 7am.

But after a dip in complaints early this afternoon, a total of 242 problems were reported just before 4pm – showing a new spike is possibly emerging.

Developers have vowed to fix the errors after users begged to know what was happening.

Some gamers have managed to regain access to the platform, although many are still complaining.

There has been no official update or cause of the errors.

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