Roblox won’t say why 48MILLION players blocked from game despite ‘knowing the cause’


ROBLOX is still down hours after players started getting booted from the game – all 48 million of them.

Reports of a Roblox outage first started popping up on social media over 12 hours ago.

A whopping 48 million Roblolx users have been unable to log into the game

There’s been no word from the official Roblox Twitter account, but gamers suspect Chipotle’s free burrito promo is the culprit.

Roblox has a daily user count of 48 million under ordinary circumstances (via RTrack).

With the outage, that number has plummeted to zero, making for a lot of unhappy gamers.

With almost three million accounts, the downtime is less than ideal for Roblox Corporation.

And the silence on its social media accounts about the outage seems like an incredibly odd choice.

However it seems that the issue has been identified by the developers, which is some good news.

The update has come from the unofficial Roblox Status Twitter account, which says:

“Roblox are still investigating but have identified the root cause of this outage.

“We’re hoping that the site will be back up as soon as possible – but it could take longer depending on the damage.”

The account has been on the ball when it comes to today’s Roblox outage although we don’t know its source for this tidbit.

The wording could be interpreted as suggesting a DDOS attack, or it could be an innocuous reference to whatever the cause of the issue is.

If you want to find out when Roblox is back online instantly, we suggest you give them a follow and turn on notifications.

Roblox users will no doubt be frustrated at the lack of acknowledgement or updates from official sources.

But hopefully we’ll find out what’s actually going on soon.

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