Twenty New Games Revealed at Day of the Devs Showcase


Ultros, Open Roads, and Braid Anniversary Edition Among the Highlights

While The Game Awards is known for showcasing the biggest triple-A game trailers, the Day of the Devs event offers a platform for underrepresented developers to showcase their work. This year's showcase featured twenty new games from indie developers big and small. Here are some of the standout titles announced at Day of the Devs 2023:

Out Early 2024

Ultros – A bright metroidvania game from the team behind Hotline Miami. Release date: February 13, 2023.

Open Roads – Embark on a mother and daughter road trip adventure in this upcoming game. Release date: February, 2024.

Braid Anniversary Edition – Experience the 2D platformer with a time-turning twist in this special edition. Release date: April 30, 2024.

Flock – Collect and catalogue birds in this cozy game from the developers of Hohokum. Release date: Early 2024.

Home Safety Hotline – Dive into a text-based adventure set in a '90s call center in this unique game. Release date: Early 2024.

Out Late 2024

Cryptmaster – Test your typing skills in this dungeon crawler with a word-based twist. Release date: 2024.

The Mermaid's Tongue – Solve a murder mystery set on a submarine in this captivating game. Release date: 2024.

Hermit & Pig – Immerse yourself in a turn-based RPG with Earthbound vibes. Release date: 2024.

Janet Moray is a Slumlord (and a witch) – Experience a puzzle-based horror game centered around the concept of renting. Release date: 2024.

Thank Goodness You're Here – Play as a little man helping people with their problems in this heartwarming game. Release date: 2024.

Out 2025 and Beyond

Dome-King Cabbage – Immerse yourself in a bizarre and surreal visual novel. Release date: To be announced.

Drag Her! – Battle it out in a 2D fighting game featuring famous real-life drag queens. Release date: To be announced.

Nirvana Noir – Dive into the cosmic city in this sequel to Genesis Noir, an adventure game. Release date: To be announced.

Holstin – Prepare for a dark pixel-art survival horror experience. Release date: To be announced.

Kind Words 2 (Lo-Fi City Pop) – Connect with others in this social game centered around making connections. Release date: To be announced.

Llamasoft: A Jeff Minter Story – Immerse yourself in an interactive documentary featuring 42 Llamasoft games. Release date: To be announced.

Loose Leaf – Run a tea shop and read tarot cards in this upcoming game from the developers of Boyfriend Dungeon. Release date: To be announced.

Militsoner – Escape from a Kafkaesque nightmare in which you're pursued by a giant cop. Release date: To be announced.

Oddada – Explore a music-making roguelike where you gain new tools to edit music as you progress. Release date: To be announced.

Resistor – Save your mom by returning to the world of racing in this unique caRPG. Release date: To be announced.

If you want to learn more about the games showcased at Day of the Devs, be sure to check out the nominees for The Game Awards.