Uncovering the Hidden Flower Coins in Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s Pipe Park



Super Mario Bros. Wonder has taken the gaming world by storm, standing out among the remarkable games released this year. While the main story beats are accessible to all, there are challenging secret levels that require skill and determination. As the best 2D Mario game since the SNES, players are on a mission to 100% complete this colossal game. One of the trickier stages, Pipe Park in World 4, hides five elusive Flower Coins that we've managed to find.

Pipe Park Flower Coin 1 – Mario Wonder

In the first area of the stage, there is a series of pipes moving up and down. Counting from the left, enter the fifth pipe on the bottom row to discover the first flower coin. After exiting the pipe, drop down and head left to find a hidden pipe that leads to the coin.

Pipe Park Flower Coin 2 – Mario Wonder

Once you reach the lower left section of Pipe Park, you'll notice a slightly shorter series of pipes. Jump down the pipe closest to the wall, as it will take you to a hidden room. Hold onto the handle and jump to the top hidden block shown in the image to release the second Flower Coin.

Pipe Park Flower Coin 3 – Mario Wonder

Move the pipes to uncover another secret. At the top right of the stage, you'll spot some ledges and three pipes. Push the tallest pipe all the way to the left, allowing you to climb on top and jump over the wall on your left. There, you'll find an off-screen area hiding the third Flower Coin.

Pipe Park Flower Coin 4 – Mario Wonder

Navigate to the top of the stage, where you'll see a gap between some pipes. Above the gap, there's a ledge with the next Flower Coin. Stand on the third pipe from the right, and it will raise the pipe nearest to the gap. Climb up to the ledge and easily grab the fourth coin.

Pipe Park Flower Coin 5 – Mario Wonder

On the right side of the pipe area where the fourth coin was found, you'll notice a blocked-off area. Enter the pipe on the bottom row to reach this area. Push against the pipe to the right, and it will move, revealing the fifth and final Flower Coin.

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