What time is the new GTA Online update in the UK and US? What to expect


A HUGE GTA Online update is dropping today – and it’s designed specifically for the car mad.

The Los Santos Tuners update is a Fast & Furious style patch built around motoring.

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Head down to the car meet in Los Santos

What is GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update?

It’s based around street racing, car meets and showing off modded motors.

“The underground tuner scene in Los Santos roars to life with the launch of GTA Online: Los Santos Tuners,” said Rockstar.

“In addition to a ton of action-packed, Tuner-based missions and races, this update introduces the LS Car Meet.

“A gigantic, shared social space where you and your cherished personal vehicle can mingle freely with fellow car fans to race.

“Show off your customised vehicles, and even link up with shady contacts looking for skilled drivers and a chance at easy money.”

On the edge of town is a warehouse in Cypress Flats, without a finish line on the road outside.

Head in and you’ll find a car meet with prized vehicles peacocking inside.

There’s a Test Track for driving, drifting and racing.

You can try Test Rides, which are a rotating selection of vehicles.

There are Prize Ride Challenges, shops (including a tattooist), as well as a modding area.

The update adds loads of street racing opportunities, and even some new vehicles to bag.

GTA Online update – Los Santos Tuners release time and date

Rockstar is rolling out the new update on July 20.

And if you play the update, steal and successfully sell a vehicle to LS Customs, you’ll be able to get rewards – including the Los Santos Customs Coveralls.

The update is live from around 9am UK time.

However, it might not be available on your machine for several hours after that, due to possible rollout delays.

Street racers, start your engines


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