YouTuber left in tears after Magic the Gathering sent heavies to take back his trading cards


A MAGIC: The Gathering YouTuber is shaken after the company sent heavies to take his cards from him.

Oldschoolmtg is a Magic: The Gathering YouTuber who purchases boxes of the trading cards and then opens them in videos.

The new set will come out next month.

He recently put in an order for the latest expansion March of the Machine, but the delivery contained something unexpected.

Instead of his requested pack, he claims he received March of the Machine: The Aftermath which is not set to be released until May 12.

Excited to receive the cards in advance, he immediately made a video of himself opening the cards and uploaded it to YouTube.

A few days later a private security firm called Pinkertons were sent by Magic: The Gathering to take the cards back.

The YouTuber claims that the men said they were there to recover the “stolen product”, referring to the unreleased cards, and threatened “jail time”.

He also insists that the Aftermath set was not stolen, and that he believes it was simply sent in error.

In a new video about the incident, he says: “What I believe happened is that the names are too similar, and somebody screwed up and sent out the wrong cases.”

If you are not familiar with Magic: The Gathering it could be very easy to mix up the base set and the unreleased packs.

He continues: “The guy who sold me the stuff said he was sending March of the Machine collector’s boxes. He’s not really a Magic guy.”

It’s not unusual for errors to occur, and many games have broken the street date due to mix-ups in delivery.

However, most customers are allowed to keep their games, as they are not at fault.

Magic: The Gathering creator Wizards of the Coast apparently decided to take a different approach.

Oldschoolmtg took down his Aftermath videos, he claims at the request of the company.

He says that the security gave him a number to talk directly to Wizards of the Coast, who were apparently “very apologetic”.

He claims they said they needed to “plug the hole”, which includes reclaiming the product in order to figure out where the error was made.

The cards cost the YouTuber a large amount of money, though Wizards will apparently compensate him by sending other released packs.

All of the packs “every card, every wrapper, all the empty boxes” were reportedly taken by security and taken back to Wizards of the Coast.

At the time of writing we only have oldschoolmtg’s account of the incident, as Wizards of the Coast has not yet responded to GLHF’s request to comment.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.


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