Katie Price claims she was snubbed for X Factor: Celebrity because Simon Cowell FANCIES her


KATIE Price has claimed that she was snubbed for X Factor: Celebrity because Simon Cowell FANCIES her.

The 41-year-old star has been desperately trying to achieve success in the charts over the years, with several failed attempts at a music career.

Katie is outraged that she wasn’t asked onto Celeb X Factor

Now the mother-of-five has shared her outrage at not being approached for the ITV talent competition, insisting that it was because of mogul Simon.

Speaking on her new YouTube video, which was uploaded earlier this evening, Katie reflected on her reality TV career as she discussed programmes she’d want to do in the future.

When it came to the celebrity spin-off, Katie snapped: “Why the f*** did they not have me on Celebrity X Factor?!

“I so wanted to do that, I put it out there so many times.”

She has accused Simon of fancying her

The former glamour model went on to slam the contestants who did make it onto the show, which include EastEnders Jonny Labey and Vinnie Jones, adding: “I am sorry, I normally love X Factor but I have to say that Megan McKenna has to win the show for sure.

“The singers I saw on there the other week, Jesus Christ I’d have blown them away if I sang, trust me.

“I didn’t think they made a good choice there, I don’t think the others are that great.”

She continued: “They should have had me on it, they’d have got more headlines and I can sing.”

Katie made cheeky comments in her latest YouTube video
She has thrown her support behind Megan McKenna

Katie then cheekily added: “Maybe it’s because Simon fancies me, wheeeey!”

The star’s first attempt at pop stardom was when she tried to represent the UK in Eurovision back in 2005.

She entered Making Your Mind Up, the contest that chose which song we sent to the competition, with the track I’m Not Just Anybody.

She famously performed while pregnant in a skintight pink latex suit and was compared to a “pink condom”.

Katie has been trying to launch a singing career for years

Katie later claimed entering the competition was her one regret in life, saying she “couldn’t sing the song now and couldn’t sing it then”.

But she did not give up on her dreams, later teaming up with then-husband Peter Andre to release an album of love sings called A Whole New World in 2006.

The lead title single, a cover of the hit song from the Aladdin soundtrack, missed the top ten despite heavy promotion, peaking at number 12 on the chart.

The album later limped in at number 20.

She also released an album with ex-husband Peter Andre

Following the record’s release, 40,000 copies of the album were found rotting in a barn in Hertfordshire after stores returned them because they couldn’t shift them.

Still, Katie did not give up and in 2010, she released Free To Love Again, which entered the UK charts with a bullet at number 60.

Ever the trier, two years ago, Kate had another crack with the song I Got U , penned by X Factor reject Craig Colton.

After a shaky live performance on Loose Women, the track entered the iTunes chart at number 46, dropped to 91 a day later and after three days, was out of the chart entirely.

And this summer, the reality TV favourite dropped her new track Hurricane, which only reached number 63 in the iTunes chart before dropping to 158.

In September, Katie revealed that she has recorded a song with former X Factor champ Sam Bailey as she shared footage of from a recording studio while teasing new music.


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