Ant and Dec fight in hilarious TikTok video as they throw a banana, book and even a CHAIR at each other


ANT and Dec left fans in hysterics by sharing a hilarious video that saw them hurl various objects including a chair at each other.

The Geordie duo have been trying to cheer up their fans with funny social media posts filmed in lockdown over the past few weeks and this time they’ve taken it to a whole new level.

Ant and Dec fight in hilarious TikTok video as they throw a banana, book and even a CHAIR at each other

The video starts with Dec, 44, reading a book and to distract him  Ant, 44, decides to throw a ping pong ball at his face.

Dec throws his book back at him in anger and the two carry on throwing things at each other before the footage ends with Ant picking up his chair to throw at his best pal.

They shared the TikTok video with their 3.9million followers on their joint Instagram account with the caption: “Pssttt… I want that book back! if you want more, head over to our TikTok @antanddec.”

Fans took to the comments section to reveal how the duo had brightened their day.

The video started with Dec minding his own business by reading a book

Dec retaliated by throwing his book back at Ant

A banana was the next object throw in Dec’s direction

Dec threw it straight back at Ant

Ant decided that enough was enough and decided to pick his chair up to throw at the presenter

One wrote: “I’m just not going to say how many times I’ve watched this and laughed every time! Thanks for brightening my day!”

Another said: What would we do without you two? This is brilliant!

A third simply said: “Pure brilliant.”

The two recently left fans in crying with laughter after sharing a virtual “cup in balls” game online earlier this week that they recorded from the comfort of their own, separate, homes.

The duo recently played the virtual “cup in balls” game together and shared it online

Sharing the video to Instagram, Ant revealed he had come up with a game to help beat lockdown boredom.

He told Dec on FaceTime: “Alright then, a bit of isolation fun.

“Got me cup, got me five balls, best of five and get the balls in the cup. See who the winner is!”

Dec then joked how the game was “rude” before attempting the challenge himself.

Ant tried a variety of techniques to get his ball in the cup

As well as simply throwing the ball into the cup, Ant tried out a variety of different techniques, including bouncing it off the floor and throwing it against the wall.

The clip ended with a woman giving a thumbs-up from behind the camera – which fans guessed was Ant’s girlfriend Anne-Marie Corbett.

Last week The Geordie duo announced they are releasing a new book to celebrate 30 years of working in TV together.

Taking to Instagram, Ant said: “We’ve got a book coming out to celebrate 30 years of working together on the telly.

The pair have been signing copies during lockdown

“It’s full of backstage stories and gossip of our 30 years working together and it’s very good isn’t it Dec?”
Dec added: “Yes it is, it’s out September 3rd and you can preorder it.”

The pair have become two of the nation’s most celebrated and well-loved TV personalities over the last 30 years hosting I’m a Celebrity, Britain’s Got Talent, Saturday Night Takeaway and more.

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