Awkward moment Lottie Moss is left red-faced after co-star misreads her face tattoo


Lottie Moss, the younger sister of supermodel Kate Moss, found herself in an embarrassing situation on a recent episode of Celebs Go Dating. The reality TV star was left feeling red-faced when her co-star, Tom Read Wilson, misread her face tattoo and mistakenly believed it said ‘loser’ instead of ‘lover’.

The Mix-Up

As Lottie, 25, arrived for her first session on the show, she and Tom got into a conversation about her face tattoo. Lottie jokingly mentioned how the tattoo had affected her innocent appearance, leading Tom to respond with a reassuring comment.

“You’re anything but a loser,” Tom said.

But to Lottie’s surprise and amusement, Tom had misread her tattoo. Quick to apologize, Tom admitted his mistake, saying, “Oh Lottie, I’m so sorry. It’s not the tattoo’s fault. It’s mine – I’m myopic.”

Lottie, taking it lightheartedly, responded playfully, “No, it’s the tattoo artist’s fault.”

Lottie’s Impulsive Decision

Lottie had gotten the face tattoo last year following a night out, but soon regretted her impulsive decision. The tattoo reads ‘lover’ beneath her eye and was meant to symbolize her journey of self-discovery and newfound freedom.

Explaining her choice, Lottie shared, “Since rehab, I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery. That’s why I decided to get my face tattoo; the word ‘lover’ under my eye. Yes, it was impulsive, but after years of being so controlled, it was my way of expressing that I am free. I’m no longer controlled.”

However, she has now opted to cover the tattoo with makeup and is reportedly considering having it removed.

Celebs Go Dating: Looking for Love

Lottie Moss is not the only famous face searching for love on this season of Celebs Go Dating. Other notable participants include Talk TV host Vanessa Feltz, Love Island’s Chloe Burrows, comedian Spuddz, and Made In Chelsea’s Mark-Francis Vandelli.

As the show unfolds, viewers can expect plenty more awkward moments, hilarious mishaps, and, who knows, maybe even a love connection or two for Lottie and the other singletons.