Married At First Sight UK’s Paul C Brunson Admits ‘We Need to Do Better’ After Show Was Branded a ‘Sham’ by Fans


One of the love experts on Married at First Sight UK has admitted ‘we need to do better’ after a viewer branded the programme a ‘sham’.

Matchmakers under scrutiny

Paul Brunson is one of the professional matchmakers hired by the Channel 4 show to pair up the married couples. However, the show has come under fire after the experts allowed a couple to come back after a cheating scandal.

Defending the show

Paul Brunson, along with Mel Schilling and Charlene Douglas, are in charge of helping the couples to get closer and develop healthy relationships as the show progresses. He recently responded to an accusation made by one MAFS fan that the whole show has become ‘a sham’, adding: ‘They are about viewership, not relationships.’

Striking a balance

In his balanced reply, Paul acknowledged that the experts need to do better, but also hit out in defence of the reality show. He wrote: ‘So, do we need to do better, yes. Are we a sham, far from it.’

Fans remain unconvinced

However, it seems that fans of the show were not convinced by his rebuttal. One disheartened watcher wrote: ‘The idea of disagreeing with you breaks my heart (I literally love you and not in an inappropriate way) but on this occasion I have to say no. Not anymore.’

Another argued: ‘Any relationship show that welcomes cheaters back as a new couple is absolutely a sham. It has ruined it this year.’

A third person added: ‘You have to admit that some of the matches are at the very least ‘questionable’ and you can see why we’d think they were put together for entertainment and production rather than love and compatibility.’

A fourth agreed: ‘This year is leaning heavily towards group drama – it feels like we’ve barely seen the couples. I realise you don’t edit the show so that’s clearly not your fault – just hoping for more of that balance again next year!’

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