Most shocking Dancing On Ice injuries – from hospital dash to sliced scalp as 2024 star dislocates shoulder


DANCING On Ice isn’t just about sequins and skating – there’s been plenty of nightmare injuries over the years.

We’ve lost count of the times we’ve had to grit our teeth as attempts at dangerous stunts go wrong year after year.

And those are just the ones we see on TV – in the rehearsals it’s even worse, with Claire Sweeney dislocating her shoulder ahead of her latest performance in this year’s competition.

Here are just some of the nasty mishaps that have happened over the years.

Stephen Lustig-Webb had to pull out before the first show

2024 – Stephen Lustig-Webb never makes it on the Gogglebox

In the first major injury to the 2024 series, Gogglebox star Stephen Lustig-Webb never even made it to his debut after breaking his ankle in rehearsals.

He shared a photo back on his sofa, resting up on Instagram.

He explained he’d had surgery and needed to be on crutches for a few months.

Saying he was ‘gutted’, Stephen wrote: “I was having so much fun and enjoying learning to skate. I will of course be keeping a close eye on all of the other celebs and pros and supporting them all the way.”

2022 – Vanessa Bauer and Brendan Cole

Last year, professional skater Vanessa Bauer and her celebrity partner Brendan Cole had quite the near-miss.

Pro-skater Vanessa shared the accidental injury caused by Brendan Cole’s ice skate

Vanessa took to Instagram to reveal a painful-looking gash across her back, where Brendan’s blade had sliced her skin.

And Brendan later revealed he’d “popped his groin” in a nasty training accident and had to rest for two weeks – having only just got over a concussion.

But that’s nothing compared to what happened to some of their predecessors over the previous 13 series.

From “slice” and “stab” wounds to head trauma, here we reveal the most horrific Dancing on Ice injuries.

2021 – Rebekah Vardy – ‘blood everywhere’

WAG Rebekah Vardy’s blade cut her dance partner’s face

In the first of many, many accidents in the 2021 series – where so many stars were forced to drop out the show even ran out of back-ups – Rebekah Vardy’s skate partner Andy Buchanan needed urgent medical treatment after her blade cut his face.

The wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy said: “I’ve had so many falls and obviously I injured Andy – that was the most horrific experience.”

She thought he was messing around until she realised there was blood everywhere.

Rebekah admitted: “It was quite scary. But it brings back the realisation that what we’re doing is really bloody dangerous, but he’s fine. It’s a bit dramatic but he’s OK.”

2012 – Jennifer Ellison – sliced scalp

Jennifer Ellison suffered a horrific head injury in 2012

In what was described as one of the show’s most gruesome injuries, Jennifer attempted a scorpion kick in 2012, but it went horribly wrong.

The former Brookside actress, now 39, threw her leg back so far that her skate sliced into her head.

She bravely continued the routine despite bleeding so heavily that it dyed her blonde hair red.

“Obviously the heart’s pumping and a lot of blood has come out,” the star’s pro-skater partner Daniel Whiston later explained.

Jennifer said of the incident: “It was like being hit by a brick… I honestly thought the back of my head would be hanging off when I finished.”

David Seaman – headbanger drop

David Seaman’s dance partner sliced her chin open and dislocated her shoulder in 2006

The former England goalkeeper unintentionally dropped his partner twice while attempting the notorious headbanger move on the show.

In the stunt, the skater is swung around by their ankles, hovering just above the ice.

However, when attempting the trick in 2006, David slipped and partner Pam O’Connor made contact, splitting her chin open.

She was rushed to hospital and needed stitches.

David later dropped Pam again – this time during a live show – and she dislocated her shoulder.

Matt Evers – failed neck spin

Matt Evers sustained a nasty cut to his face during a neck spin

Dancing On Ice professional skater Matt joined the long list of stars who had to be taken to hospital after an injury.

He needed stitches after a failed attempt at the “neck spin” back in 2012.

Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter, 35, unintentionally cut his face open when she swung her legs around his neck in preparation for the move.

Prior to the accident, Matt warned her that her blade was “getting too close” and “cried out in pain” after the injury, an insider told HOAR.

Vanilla Ice – face-plant knock out

Vanilla Ice bled heavily after falling and smacking his face on the ice

It’s a miracle US rapper Vanilla Ice, 55, wasn’t left with a fear of the ice, ice baby after this gruesome injury.

He was knocked out for three minutes after slipping on the ice and banging his head during a training session in 2011.

Vanilla, real name Robert Van Winkle, was bleeding heavily after falling on his face and had to go to the hospital.

Thankfully he recovered but while getting stitches he likened the incident to being “hit by Mike Tyson”.

Denise van Outen – dislocated shoulder

Denise Van Outen was forced to quit the show after her injuries were worse than first thought

The Loose Women star, 48, bravely tried to soldier on despite injuring her shoulder while skating with Matt Evers earlier this year.

She initially refused to seek medical help because she knew the NHS was “so overstretched” due to pandemic, but was later forced to seek treatment.

Scans revealed she had partially dislocated it and despite it being put back into place “it popped out again”.

“Then I skated on it in the most excruciating pain, I cannot tell you,” Denise told the Loose Women panel.

An MRI showed she also had three bone fractures, which ruled her out of performing any tricks, lifts or solo skating – and forced her to pull out.

Joe Swash – cauliflower ear

Joe Swash won Dancing On Ice last year but didn’t manage to avoid a few scrapes

The TV funnyman, now 40, was forced to wear this bandage for nearly a week after he kicked himself in the ear during training.

The surprising injury left him with “cauliflower ear” – which is typically suffered by rugby players – and he needed an emergency op to drain infected “goo”.

Joe thought such a large bandage was “overkill” and fumed after his fiance Stacey Solomon was “crying with laughter” when she saw it.

Professional skater Alex Murphy, who danced with him, was shocked by her celeb partner’s injury because it was so unusual.

“I’ve done these roly polys before and it’s never happened ever, with anyone, only with Joe,” she said.

Brian McFadden – shoulder pop

Brian McFadden suffered a shoulder injury in 2019

The former Westlife star, now 42, feared being ruled out of the competition before he even performed his first live show.

He was practicing a lift with pro-skater Alex when his shoulder popped out and it was later revealed that he had damaged his rotator cuff too.

However, Brian was able to return to the show despite the fall being “pretty bad” and leaving him “really anxious” about another injury.

The singer missed out on a spot in the 2019 final after falling during a performance in the semi-final.

Yebin Mok – stab wound

Professional skater needed emergency surgery after getting injured during training

Yebin suffered a “nasty” injury during training, which was described as one of the worst seen by skating legend Jayne Torvill.

While practicing with celebrity partner, Olympic skier Graham Bell, she fell onto the back of his skate and the sharp blades “stabbed” her leg.

She was “cut quite badly” and needed to stay overnight at Watford hospital after an operation to clean and stitch up the wound.

Thankfully there was no nerve or tendon damage and after a few weeks of rest, she returned for a special performance.

Host Phillip appeared to be mentally scarred by the injury which he said was so deep you could “see the tendons”.

Dancing On Ice continues Sunday on ITV.

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