Ant and Dec in ‘Secret I’m A Celeb Feud’ with Nigel Farage, Say Fans


I’M A Celebrity fans are convinced Ant and Dec are in a ‘secret’ feud with Nigel Farage.

On-Screen Clues Suggest Tension

After politician Nigel Farage was booted out of camp last night, ITV viewers claimed they spotted an on-screen “clue” that the presenters don’t like him. Fans noted that the Geordie duo looked “relieved” when reality TV star Sam Thompson and Championship boxer Tony Bellew made it to the final two, and that they weren’t “personable” with Nigel.

Ant & Dec Under Fire for Rudeness

Some fans took to X, formerly Twitter, to express their frustration with Ant and Dec’s behavior towards Nigel. One viewer wrote, “Ant & Dec look kind of relieved that these are the top 2.” Another added, “They’re a lot more personable and happy to be doing these interviews compared to how they were with Nigel.” A third fan criticized the presenters, saying, “Ant and Dec are so rude omg. This isn’t a political debate jfc, ‘Nigel are you surprised you got to the final 3 being so divisive’ he did the trials & he stayed in the snake pit box the whole 10 minutes. Back off and give credit where it’s due. Leave politics out of it.”

Nigel Farage Hinting at Political Comeback

Despite his elimination from the show, Nigel Farage is now plotting his political comeback. During an appearance on Good Morning Britain, he hinted at rejoining the Conservative party for the next general election. When asked about his future in politics, Farage responded, “I have no idea right at this moment. What I will say is ‘never say never.'” He also admitted that if there was a change of leadership in the Tory party, he would consider running in the next general election.

Nigel Farage’s Political Background

Nigel Farage is the former leader of the Brexit Party and served as a MEP for South East England from 1999 to 2020. He was also the leader of UKIP from 2006 to 2009 and again from 2010 to 2016.