Ant and Dec Under Fire for Overlooking Key Moment in Fred Sirieix’s Post-Jungle Interview


Viewers Express Disappointment Over Omission

Viewers of I’m A Celebrity have expressed their frustration with Ant and Dec for failing to address a significant moment during Fred Sirieix’s post-jungle interview. The First Dates star became the third celebrity to be voted off the show last night, but the Geordie duo neglected to ask him about his argument with fellow contestant Nella Rose during the first week of the competition.

Outcry on Social Media

Many viewers took to social media to voice their disappointment at the oversight. One Twitter user questioned why Ant and Dec didn’t ask Fred about his clash with Nella, while another pointed out the discrepancy between mentioning Fred’s conversation with Nigel Farage and omitting the one with Nella. Several viewers expressed their frustration with the hosts, believing that the argument between Fred and Nella was a more important topic of discussion.

A Heated Exchange

The argument in question occurred in the first week of the show when Fred tried to offer Nella some breakfast, but she ignored him. Nella later revealed that Fred had made a comment about potentially being old enough to be her dad, which offended her. She explained that she didn’t want to be around someone who disrespected her and asked Fred to stay away from her. Fred apologized but clarified that he didn’t mean to offend her and was unaware of how his comment would be taken.

Additional Conflicts

The clash with Nella was not the only point of contention between Fred and his fellow campmates. Fred took on the role of camp chef, which led to several disagreements. Eventually, Nella banished him to pot washing duties and put another contestant, Josie, in charge of the cooking.

This article was rewritten for a UK audience by a journalist with Fox News.