Fans of I’m A Celebrity Shocked by Fred Sirieix’s Fiancee’s Real Name


What Happened After the Jungle?

Fans of the hit ITV show, I’m A Celebrity, were in for a surprise when they tuned into the annual Coming Out show. This special episode chronicles what the campmates got up to in Australia after leaving the jungle. But before the stars were sent home, their friends and family gathered in Brisbane to cheer them on.

Airport Arrivals and Unexpected Names

As the campmates’ loved ones arrived at the airport, the cameras caught up with them to hear their thoughts on how their family members had been doing. Among the arrivals was First Dates star Fred Sirieix’s fiancee, whose name left everyone gobsmacked.

Fruitcake? Really?

As she strutted into the airport, her name flashed up on the screen, revealing that she goes by the nickname Fruitcake. Fans took to social media to express their shock and disbelief at her unusual moniker. However, it is important to note that Fruitcake is not her real name, as the couple has never actually revealed it.

Love and Wedding Plans

Fred Sirieix and Fruitcake got engaged in March 2020 and had plans to tie the knot in 2021. Unfortunately, their wedding had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, according to reports, the couple is now planning a Jamaican wedding.