Frankie Dettori Reveals Real Reason for Joining I’m A Celebrity – It’s Not About the Money


Horse racing jockey Frankie Dettori has opened up about his decision to join this year’s series of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, revealing that it’s not about the money. Despite being a late entry to the show, Frankie is ready to face the challenges and hopes to use the experience as a weight loss opportunity before his trip to America in five weeks. He considers it a career move to ensure he stays in the game and doesn’t miss out on future opportunities.

Not About the Money

Frankie Dettori made it clear that his decision to appear on I’m A Celebrity is not motivated by money. Despite being asked to join the show multiple times before, he always declined due to lack of time. However, now that he has the time, he sees it as a chance to challenge himself, meet new people, and potentially make new friends. Frankie believes that participating in this experience will enrich his life and provide him with valuable stories to share.

A Weight Loss Opportunity

Frankie revealed that one of the reasons he decided to join I’m A Celebrity is the potential for weight loss. After spending 35 years dieting for horse racing, he sees this as an opportunity to shed some pounds before his trip to America. Despite acknowledging that he may face challenges in the jungle, Frankie is determined to give it his all and hopes that being the smallest contestant will work in his favor.

A Career Move

For Frankie, appearing on I’m A Celebrity is a strategic career move. He believes that at this stage in his racing career, he cannot go any higher or bigger. By seizing this opportunity, he hopes to stay relevant in the industry and ensure that he doesn’t miss out on future chances. Frankie recognizes that once he retires, it may be harder to secure such opportunities, so he is taking full advantage of the present moment.

Overcoming Claustrophobia

The decision to join I’m A Celebrity was not without its challenges for Frankie. After surviving a plane crash in 2000, he developed claustrophobia and a fear of light aircraft. Despite this, he is determined to face his fears and push himself outside of his comfort zone. Frankie’s bravery and resilience are sure to make for compelling viewing on the show.

Overall, Frankie Dettori’s decision to join I’m A Celebrity is driven by personal growth, career considerations, and the desire to challenge himself. With his positive attitude and determination, he is ready to embrace the jungle and make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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