Furious I’m A Celeb Fans Vow to Boycott Show Final After Controversial Eviction


Soap Veteran Nick Pickard Eliminated from the Show

Outraged I’m A Celebrity viewers have vowed to switch off after last night’s eviction result. Hollyoaks stalwart Nick Pickard became the fourth contestant to be voted off the show. The soap veteran has a big fan base and came across as a genuine, unassuming guy in the jungle. But he appears to have paid the price of a lack of screen time and drama.

Viewers Express Their Displeasure on Social Media

Some viewers felt others deserved to be eliminated ahead of him and made their feelings known on social media. One posted: “Nick!? Bloody Nick! SCANDALOUS! Boycott.” A second said: “This is where I stop watching I’m a celeb, f**k the show bye Twitter.”

Controversy Surrounding Nigel Farage’s Progress in the Competition

Others questioned how divisive Nigel Farage was progressing so far in the competition. Richard Madeley has shed some light on this topic in his latest column for The Spectator. He wrote: “One reason Nigel Farage is currently making such a successful Jungle Jim is because he doesn’t duck a discussion or swerve a question. Camp-mates – and viewers – may not like what he says, but they appreciate the direct response.”

“It makes a change from most politicians. It doesn’t matter what question you ask them: if they can dodge it, they will. It’s almost a reflex and it drives me potty when I’m co-hosting Good Morning Britain.”

Farage’s Authenticity and Transparency

Richard continued: “Farage will just stick his head out of the window and tell you if it’s raining or not. He’ll happily bare all, be it his buttocks or his thoughts. I think he worked out, long before going into the jungle, that the remorselessly recording cameras and permanently unmuted microphones would rapidly reveal any artifice or pretence. So he doesn’t try.”

Questions Surrounding Farage’s Popularity

When Hollyoaks’ legend Nick Pickard left camp last night, the anti-Farage portion of the viewership were left scratching their heads. One wrote: “Erm……who is voting to keep Farage in?” Another posted: “How does someone like Farage stay in over some of the others who’ve been voted out?”

Nigel was taken to task numerous times in camp by staunch Remainer Fred and YouTuber Nella, but now both of his biggest critics are out, the political chitter chatter has halted. Brexiteer Nigel butted heads with Fred over their opposing views on the European Union, with Fred accepting he will never see eye to eye with ex-UKIP leader, while Nella accused Nigel of being “anti-immigrant”, which Nigel denied.

Farage’s Unexpected Progress

Nigel has got further than many expected.