Gillian McKeith leaves I’m a Celeb fans gobsmacked as she reveals extent of contraband smuggled into camp


GILLIAN McKeith left I’m a Celeb fans gobsmacked as she revealed the full extent of her contraband.

The 63-year-old sparked fury with campmate Fatima Whitbread earlier this week when she confessed to smuggling in banned items.

Gillian left her campmates – and viewers at home – stunned with her contraband haul
She and Shaun became the first celebs to be sent packing in Friday night’s episode

But on Friday night’s episode of I’m a Celebrity, Gillian left her co-stars – and fans at home – stunned at the amount of contraband she’d managed to get into camp.

Revealing her customised “spicy knickers”, she said: “It’s a two layer set of knickers, with a little pocket at the back. I’ve got six pockets in the first layer of my knickers.”

Pulling out the first item, Gillian proudly told her campmates: “Garlic bulb.

“In here I have thyme, rosemary, oregano, basil and tarragon. Miso soup… I’ve got dill weed… about 20 almonds. Seaweed strips, they’re amazing! 

“This is tomato and basil soup mix, this is gluten free soy sauce.”

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, Janice Dickinson said: “I must say that I was shocked how anyone would come up with this brilliant idea”

But Gillian horrified her co-stars further when she pulled out her final item.

She said: “Sea salt. It’s inside a condom. Because it was the only way to get it inside…”

Fans at home rushed to have their say, with one writing on Twitter: “Gillian’s Spicy Knickers was like a Santa Sack, bottomless.”

Another joked: “Why does Gillian have 3 aisles of Tesco in her knickers?”

And a third added: “Christ Gillian’s knickers look like the herb and spices section at my local Sainsbury’s.”

Gillian and Shaun Ryder became the first two celebs to be given the boot tonight after they lost the Survival Challenge.