I’m A Celeb Fans Demand Tougher Bushtucker Trials


Viewers Complain Trials Were “Too Easy”

Fans of the hit show I’m A Celebrity have voiced their dissatisfaction with this year’s Bushtucker Trials, claiming that they were “too easy”. Many viewers are calling for the challenges to be made more difficult, as the campmates managed to secure multiple stars each night.

Campmates Eating Too Well?

Some fans have also expressed their concern that the campmates were eating too well, with the Dingo Dollars task providing them with additional food supplies. One viewer suggested introducing a new rule where those who successfully complete a task would be immune the following day, in order to add more excitement and variety to the trials. Another viewer reminisced about the days when eating trials involved more daring and exotic foods, such as live spiders.

The Need for Harder Trials

Many viewers believe that the trials should be made harder in order to create more tension and conflict among the campmates. Some even suggested that starving the campmates would lead to more arguments. Others called for a change in the voting system for trials, suggesting that each campmate should have a turn before anyone can be voted out. One viewer even proposed that the campmates should be taught to forage for their own food.

A Recap of the Trials

This year’s trials included the Temple of Doom, the Jungle Pizzeria, and No Time To Cry. Nella Rose famously uttered the phrase “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!” during the No Time To Cry trial, earning three stars for the camp.

Wrap Party Ends Early

After Sam Thompson was crowned King of the Jungle, the cast celebrated with a wrap party at a luxury hotel in Surfers Paradise, Australia. However, the party ended early as the group seemed more interested in getting some rest after their three-week adventure in the jungle.

Romance Rumours

Danielle and Pete Wicks were once again spotted looking cozy, sparking rumors of a romance. The pair had previously been seen cuddling up at a posh beach club in Surfers Paradise, Australia.