Residents in Worcester Upset Over “Hideous” Home Renovations


Neighbours Complain About Appearance and Noise

Furious residents in Worcester, Worcestershire, are expressing their dissatisfaction with a recently renovated home in their neighborhood. The semi-detached house, which has been described as "hideous" and "ugly," features fake grass and a paint job that locals find unappealing.

Comparisons to a Steakhouse and Prison

Some residents have gone so far as to compare the property to a Miller & Carter Steakhouse or a mini Wormwood Scrubs Prison. The criticism of the renovation has been ongoing since last year when the owner applied for planning permission for an extension.

Planning Permission Appeal

The owners, Bidsid, have plans to further increase the size of the £470,000 five-bedroom home. They hope to transform it into a seven-bedroom property with a two-story extension. Despite objections from locals and city council members who find the house unattractive, the planning permission appeal is still pending.

Noise Complaints

In addition to the appearance of the property, residents are also upset about the alleged noise caused by the occupants. Some claim that increasing the size of the house to accommodate more people would only exacerbate the noise issue. Concerns have also been raised about parking availability in the area.

Local Reactions

Opinions among locals vary, with some finding the house "weird" but not necessarily ugly, while others express frustration with the presence of students in the area. One resident even joked that the house's lawn had "grey grass." A local architecture account on X, formerly known as Twitter, shared a picture of the house, which garnered negative comments from viewers.

Appeal and Developer Response

The council initially rejected the application for the house extension due to insufficient garden space, but developers Bidsid have appealed the decision. Bidsid Developments Ltd has been contacted for comment.

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