I’m A Celeb Fans Speculate on Brewing Feud in Jungle Camp


Sam Thompson’s Energy Wearing Thin on Fred Siriex?

Eagle-eyed viewers of I’m A Celebrity are already predicting a potential feud between Sam Thompson and Fred Siriex in the jungle camp. Fans believe that Sam’s boundless energy might be starting to grate on Fred.

Sam’s Energetic Arrival

During the show’s debut last night, Sam Thompson brought his usual high energy as he took on the first challenge and met his fellow campmates. He seemed particularly drawn to Fred, expressing his desire to become friends with him.

Viewers Amused by the Dynamic

Many viewers found Sam’s enthusiasm for Fred quite entertaining. One viewer commented, “Sam is so obsessed with Fred & you can tell Fred hates it.” Another added, “I can see Fred getting annoyed with Sam, I just sense it.” A third viewer noted, “You can tell Sam Thompson’s energy is triggering Fred already.”

Sam’s ADHD and Personality

Sam, 31, is known for being excitable and has previously opened up about his ADHD diagnosis. He shared, “On one hand, I’m grateful about where I’ve got to and I wouldn’t change anything. But there’s never a balance – I’m either really high or really low, and though I enjoy where my energy gets to, the crashes are pretty intense.”

Sam’s energetic nature has made him a strong contender to win the show, along with Josie Gibson and Danielle Harold. As the campmates continue to get to know each other, it remains to be seen how the dynamic between Sam and Fred will unfold.

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